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Four temperaments

These people are very analytical, logical and ambitious, with leadership tendencies. Very extroverted, they are hard working individuals, known for accomplishing whatever they set their mind to. The choleric definition is of intelligent, independent and determined people, who are high-achievers, driven not only to acquire but also to master large amounts of information. While choleric types have a desire to know everything, they also tend to question anything.

Between rCBF and harm avoidance is surprising, given the negative correlations in temporal regions found in the first two PET studies. The temperament called Supine from another theory is covered in this temperament. In a person’s life, it corresponds to middle-aged adulthood (roughly ages 35-65).

12.2.4 Cloninger’s Biosocial Theory and Personality Disorders

Phlegmatic people wither in critical and competitive environments. They seek an audience to listen to their stories and adventures. Their harmonious Four temperaments and lively nature makes ESFPs popular and very likeable. They enjoy action, new experiences and a life filled with excitement.

What is Type A vs Type B personality?

Type A and type B are two main personality categories. People with type A personalities may be ambitious, competitive, and aggressive. People with type B personalities may be patient, flexible, and laid-back. Personality refers to the pattern of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that make each individual who they are.

Ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine bore striking similarities to the humors, but called them “doshas” and listed 3 types, not 4. A bit later in history, this temperament theory was further promoted by Galen, a doctor from the Roman empire.

Similar to Personality – Theory of Four Temperaments (

Thus, very early in the history of civilization human believed in close links between the mind and the body. Nevertheless, some of Kretschmer’s ideas were adopted by an American researcher, William Sheldon, who suggested that each person’s physique https://business-accounting.net/ could be described as a combination of the three basic types suggested by Kretschmer. In a person’s life, it corresponds to young childhood (roughly ages 0-13). The properties of these humours also corresponded to the four seasons.

Melancholic people can also be very perfectionist-oriented, especially when it comes down to their own lives. They are serious, reliable, self-sacrificing, philosophical, ordered and prone to genius. A common cause for angst is the often high standard they set for themselves — one that can hardly be achieved by anyone. People with the melancholic personality can be too hard on themselves at times for not being able to meet their own criteria, which can feed their depression. They also tend to take life way too seriously and this often makes them feel hopeless and dissatisfied. Sometimes they also suffer from low-self image and tend to be shy wallflowers, rather than someone who would boast about their qualities. The choleric personality is the extreme goal-oriented and logical temperament type.

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